No Grasshopper components of VisualARQ 2.10?

I have VisualARQ 2.10. for Rhino 6.34. When I run GH for the first time after VA was installed, GH has VA components. But when I run GH for the following times, it has only “D. Generics” components.

I also have VisualARQ 2.10.2 for Rhino 7.5, but Grasshopper of RH 7 DOESN’T have ANY VisualARQ components.

Workaround: running any VA command in the RH solves the issue.


When opening Grasshopper, if you can’t see Grasshopper VisualARQ components, what is happening is that VisualARQ hasn’t been loaded. To load it, you can run any VA command as you did or open a VisualARQ template. You can also run straight the VisualARQ app instead of running Rhino and then loading VA.