No geometry after nesting

ShapeDiver I have a problem with this model not showing the nested result… Everything is internalised… In rhino it looks good, maybe I am missing something.

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You use Pufferfish 2.7 and it seems that the component Equality Within Tolerance is causing the problem. ShapeDiver currently supports only version 2.6 but update is coming soon. In the meantime, please use standard Grasshopper components to replace the missing one.

@morten1 It seems that the problem is not with Pufferfish, but with the OpenNest component. When I open your definition locally, the OpenNest component throws an error, and I am guessing our servers do the same. Which version of the plugin are you using? And which version of Rhino do you work with?

Internalise data… That was my problem, thank you guys for a quick response though…