No feedback?


It would be sooooo nice to get some feedback on your attempts to help someone out. Some users just leave you in the dark, did they suck it and run with it? Or did they get so frustrated from not getting it to work they needed to cool down and forgot all about some reaction? It would help to know when you did not explain it clear enough (or at least it would help me). And it would motivate me to continue helping out where I can.


i think thats your part of the deal when you try to help. i am trying to let go on that even though that sometimes is a bit painful to help and feel like a prostitute, used and tossed into the bin.

online help is about people reaching out to get their own things going, there is no ultimate way to educate everybody in being thankful, thoughtful and respectful. you either help and forget all about it or you dont help. i am sure if they need something still they will come again, thats for sure not for us to worry about, even though one might be tempted to do so of course :wink: