No Export Option in Layer State Manager Rhino 8 for Mac


Rhino 8 for Mac, latest build.

I am not seeing the option to export my current layer states.

When importing its actually ‘import layer states from file’, which is a .3dm file. Saving your .3dm file allows them to be imported into another file vs an independent file type.

There is not option to export to a .lay file

The attached is a screenshot from the McNeel website and it shows the Export item, funny enough it does not show the Help item on the website but is does in Rhino 8.

Here is the current help. Where is that page located?

Rhinoceros Help?

It looks like that was obsoleted in Rhino 6. Rhino 7.* + is the .3dm file.

Hi Japhy,

It is indeed an older version.

Oops, my bad.