No entry symbol now for curve drawing despite osnaps off

cursor was snapping to a position without any osnap label showing. turn off all osnaps, still it did so.
can it snap to places when osnap is disabled ? and project is off ?
then a no entry symbol appeared at cursor tip, for whatever curve tool I selected,
unable to draw a single thing.

so what is it doing, whats the fix ?

edited to comply with Pascal.



Just guessing…it or you finally blew up

Hello - please take the time to write in clear understandable sentences and not make the rest of us do all the work trying to understand what you are asking.



not sure why I might explode, persevering and finding new techniques bettering methods offered or following advice,
inc yours, and thanks again for the Mesh settings.
It was an instability in V5 I have deduced, as after a few more moments it started to stabilise.
Hope fixed in V6.
sometimes one has to copy paste the entire file to a new file to leave behind gremlins.
I might yet have to do that.

Hello - see if GridSnap is on.


Dear Steve,

Collectively the ‘Forum’ is clearly here to help you. You can help yourself by…

#2. Provide specific examples.

#3. Limit your discussions to the problem at hand.

Avoid your rantings (?) woe’s about ‘air conditioning’, incessant comments re: bending and Space Claim (since 2016), folksy analogies, not clearly understandable comments; “sometimes one has to copy paste the entire file to a new file to leave behind gremlins”, …etc…
ad nauseum

Cheers Be safe! :mask:

Hi Fred.
I will try. I get excited at times :slight_smile: or when its 32C I need to let off steam !
sometimes one has to copy paste the entire file to a new file to leave behind gremlins

means I have found one way to stop peculiar things happening such as tool not wanting to perform as designed, is to copy paste all objects, with all layers on and unlocked, to a totally new file, then the problems vanish.
(however that also loses history) so export might be a safer option for some.


Hi Pascal,
every snappable setting etc was off as was project.
I had the white lines cursor aid on, and the cross hairs just kept freezing then unsticking only to freeze somewhere else with a black target in middle as if found something. Impossible to work with.


Understood…FOCUS! "
gremlins" may not only be in files.

Another suggestion now that you have some experience to draw upon, is to sit down and read through a progressive set of tutorials intended to teach you Rhino commands in a simple context where they make sense.

My best recommendation for a free set of tutorials is the User’s Guide, found on the Learn page.

Two weeks of training is worth 2 years of bashing about, and you end up with fewer bad habits to break.


Hi John,
I was planning on a refresher, I think we all get into bad habits, also overlook and forget some things on the first journey, good practice for all of us.
I enjoyed the videos that came with V4, V5 somehow lost me on where they were. and they are not structured in vimeo, I like to read a book Chapter by Chapter, para by para, tutorials designed to be followed as such, by the maker,
Its just a question of time to do so, something always takes over a day that I didnt see coming.
I love work along tutorials with course files.
If I can get V6 and I am desperately trying to do so, (wish I could purchase in its entirety, but in monthly amounts) that would be the better way rather and learn V6 .

I also have DaVinci to learn, and video editing is very time consuming.