No duplicate block name warning - potential bug?

I ran into an issue with importing two revisions of the same block. A “block name warning” is usually issued if a block is importet but the same block name definition is already known to Rhino.

But if I import a new revision of the same block, no warning is issued. In this case, both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 simply uses the existing defitinion and ignores the new block definition in the new file. I think a “block name warning” should be issued here as well. Without any notification, errors will happen.

In my case, I am importing DWG files with bock definitions. The partner updates its files and provides them to me. When I import the new files, Rhino does not update the geometry and keeps the old stuff. It also does not show any warning or similar.

Maybe someone can comment on this behaviour. Maybe it is intended for a cause not known to me. Thanks!

Here on V7 I see this message

Same on V8

Hi Lucio, thank you for your message. Yes, this is the expected behavior. But on the certain files I am working on it is different. I recently reproduced the same behavior on Rhino 8 for Mac. I first import the old version. Then I import the new revision with the new block definition but identical names. In this case, Rhino places the new instances on the new locations, but uses the old - and in my case wrong - block definition. Seems like I will need to report this as a bug. Again, thank you!

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Hi Mathias, agree, I think this is a bug.
You’re welcome.