No continuity between 2 surfaces

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to obtain continuity between 2 surfaces.
In my model (see file), the upper surface is flat and it is tangent to the lateral surface.

But in reality, when I visualize the model by shading or by Zebra (Analyse > Surface > Zebra), I have no continuity.
How to obtain continuity between these surfaces ?

Thank you in advance.


Surfaces not continued.3dm (730.3 KB)

Hi Marc - it depends a bit on how precise the design is - an easy way out is to loft between top and bottom with Rebuild set in the Loft controls at maybe 120 points (for this convoluted curve ) and then MatchSrf the result for tangency. A Sweep2 of a degree 2 curve as you have there is going to be hard to work with.

Surfaces not continuedMaybe.3dm (207.2 KB)

You’ll need to use MatchSrf to do that. But there are a few problems that are going to get in your way. First, on the planar surface, the edge has a kink that you’ll need to eliminate.
Then you’ll need to untrim the surfaces that you want to match, then matchsrf them to the fixed planar surface.

Hi Pascal,

Thanks for your answer.
All my wishes for the new year !

The result is visually very good but there is no continuity between these surfaces:
when I apply texture (like wood), all the surfaces are seen as an assembly of
different pieces of wood instead of appearing as a single one ! (see file)


That is a problem of texture mapping not of modeling.

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Thank you.
I have a look on this problem.