No command line feedback to know if script is running when using monkey

When I use monkey and then run a script Rhino no longer gives feedback at the command line. The only visual clue I see is that the mouse cursor changes to a different shape and the monkey editor disappears.

What is troubling is that the cursor at the command line blinks like no command is running and there is no feedback reported, I don’t even see a run script or anything reported at the command line.

It might not be a problem when items are visible in the view port, but for some of my scripts where the visual feedback is too small to see on screen at a certain zoom level I go to wondering if the script is even running and worse I have a few scripts that need time to process.

It would be nice to have some kind of default behavior at the command line, like no blinking cursor (that just makes one think that the script didn’t run and Rhino is ready to accept commands) and simple report of “runscript” at the command line so I know the script is at least running and Rhino is working on it.

I usually use

Call Rhino.Prompt("Working...)

or something similar before launching operations that will likely take time to do, then another prompt or print statement when the operation is finished…


Hi Mitch,
I know of that, what I am pointing out is that I don’t think it’s good ui design to have the command line available and blinking as if no command is/was run it’s confusing and any user might think that no script is running and worse to have nothing telling the user a script was run except by using the undo stack.

I thought instead of us having to build in whether our scripts are running or not that a default behavior be instigated, such as no blinking cursor at the command line and a simple runscript printed at the command line would suffice. I think it’s better ui if we can see if a script was run at the command line and in the command history, a script that is run is reported in the undo stack so I think the ui for running scripts needs uniformity and should also be reflected at the command line and command history.