No Brazil toolbar in Rhino

I just installed Rhino 5 SR9 x64 and Brazil for rhino 2.0

But now I can’t find the Brazil render toolbar like before, which can choose quick render.
Do you know what’s the problem?

Hi chug- is the toolbar file available if you look in Options > Toolbar page? Is it listed there? If so, you can open the individual toolbars from there, or back in Rhino by right clicking in a ‘blank area’ ot on a tab of existing toolbars and choosing ‘Show toolbar…’

Any luck?


I can’t find brazil in toolbar.
I can set Brazil as the render, but I only can use the original render button of Rhino 5.
It’s not convenient.

The Brazil RUI file is installed here by default, with your user name in place of ‘pascal’:


Can you see it there? You should be able to navigate there from Options > Toolbar page > FIle menu > Open.

Any luck?

Sorry for late reply

It works while I try to find Brazil.10.v40_tb.rui
No problem for the use of Brazil now.

Thanks a lot !