No, ApplyShutLining?

Does the current Mac version have ApplyShutLining? I tired searching within the program but it didn’t show up. If not will this tool be added in future updates?

It does not. It will not be in the initial commercial release, but we will work to add it to a subsequent update. Sorry I can’t give a better timeline.

Any news on the timeline? Love to see this command in the Mac version of rhino to do some hard surface modeling.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this feature will not likely make its way into Rhino 5 for Mac. We fully intend to make sure that custom render mesh modifiers (see MR-724) like ShutLining make their way into Rhino 6 for Mac.


Thanks for the answer, little disappointing, the difference between the mac and the windows version is quite big, hopefully the next version will be closer to each other and really hope this feature and a lot of other features, like paneling tools will be available in the 6-version. Have to find a work around to achieve this by hand.

Paneling tools are there, just no toolbars for it. Type…pt

Hopefully we will get a pt tool palette and pt insertion into ExplicitHistory (Grasshopper) soon. Lack of a tool pallet is confusing many…

for clarity, Paneling Tools are only available in the WIP versions of mac rhino.