No antialiasing on second screen

My current setup is:
MacBook Pro plus large 4k LG screen 32UD99-W.
The line quality on Mac is perfect while there is no antialiasing on LG whatsoever making 2D drawing really miserable. It is hard to justify line colour as it is changing while zooming.
Is Rhino meant to work on a primary screen only to make AA working?

Since we’ve completely changed our OpenGL drawing system for V6, I would be curious to see if you experienced the same lack of AA in the latest RhinoWIP.

Hi Dan

I have checked it on 1920x1080 second screen and there is a difference between ‘no and 8x AA’, but not massive.
I will check it again on an second 4K screen tomorrow at work to see if the difference is more visible.

Just checked again on a large screen: it is a great improvement, compared with a previous display quality.
Thanks for it.

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Hello, I have similar issue in Rhino 5 for Mac, High Sierra 10.13.3. I’ve tried different AA options different resolutions, but nothing happens. On the second screen it is definitely without AA, and on the internal screen it is antialiased, although I’ve marked “none AA” other options 2x, 4x…without response.

In V6 AA works fine on both screens.