Nie jestem w stanie zainstalować Rhino 4.0 z płyty. (I cannot install Rhinoceros 4.0 from CD)

Nie jestem w stanie zainstaować Rhinoceros 4.0 z płyty. Mam CD-Key ale mam problem że instalka wymaga od mnie poprzedniej wersji Rhino 3.0. Mam także Klucz od Rhino 3.0 ale nie mam płyty do instalacji.
Jak zainstallować Rhino 4.0?

I cannot install Rhinoceros 4.0 from CD. I have a CD-key but Rhinoceros requires an installation of Rhinoceros 3.0 before. I haven’t CD with Rhino 3.0 but i have a legal key.
How can i install Rhino 4.0?

Hi - I was told that a later release of Rhino 4 made it so that you didn’t have to insert the RH3 CD to confirm the upgrade. You can download the installer for Rhino 4 here:

Ok, try to do it. I have a key with sticker Upgrade is it important in that situation?

Unfortunately Rhinoceros 4.0 requires prewious version of Rhino.

Rhino 4 Upgrade installs require that either Rhino 3 be installed on the system, or a Rhino 3 CD be present to show upgrade eligibility. I’ll send you a private message with a link to download Rhino 3.