Nice looking transition issue


After different trials I’ve stuck in certain point:

  • symmetrical profile needs nice transition to the fuselage
  • bottom transition is nice with variable radius fillet
  • upper back one from top point till end needs to be world flat
  • upper front must nicely transform from flat to the curve where bottom variable fillet ends (green edge)
    Here starts my “stucking”:
  • upper side need nice filleting to the fusladge (bottom like style)
  • variable radius filet is not working (there are more than one intersection - still dont know why)
  • constant radius works almost fine… till the top of the “nose” where surfaces I can get any merging

Any ideas how to make upper front transistion nice “looking” with variable radius filleting to the surface of the fuse (or with any other transistion which creates tangency transistion to the upper part of fuse)?

Thank you for any ideas and kind regards

forum.3dm (1.6 MB)