NGons grasshopper after internalize and copy paste are gone


I internalized mesh with ngons in grasshopper.

The copy the components of internalized mesh and ngons are gone.

Is it a bug ?

Hmm, good question. When Grasshopper copies or saves data into the clipboard, it uses the oldest version of OpenNurbs it can get away with. In this case probably Rhino5-style opennurbs data. That flavour didn’t support n-gons, so that information gets stripped.

If it saved Rhino6-style opennurbs data then you couldn’t paste that data into a Rhino5 instance running Grasshopper. I concede that is probably a fairly rare case, so maybe it makes more sense to always use the current version of Rhino when creating clipboard data.

I am using rhino 6 wip grasshopper.

It is probably not the problem user but grasshopper in rhino wip 6 ?

When using RhinoCommon to serialize OpenNurbs geometry, you can specify what version of Rhino you want it to be compatible with. Grasshopper works it way forward through versions from old to new until one of them claims ‘yup, that serialized just fine’. You don’t even need Rhino5 installed in order to write Rhino5 compatible data.

I don’t understand.

What should I do to make it work?

There’s nothing you can do. Grasshopper core code will have to be amended.