Ngonal faces from Rhinocommon or Grasshopper plugin c# question

Dear Friends,
I have a mesh, which is cut by a line, eventually created patches which has at list 5 sides in many places.
So I want to rebuild the same mesh with some faces, with 5 vertices.

Is it possible in RhinoCommon or Grasshopper plugin development ?
If possible then please advise me how can I create an n-gon-al face in a mesh.

Normally we put 4 vertices for each face.
But in case of ngonal mesh, how I would create a mesh?
Any sample code will be much appreciated.
If there is no way to do that in c# dotnet, then please let me know c++ way.

Many thanks in advance !

I found how to do it.
Tried to delete the post. Could not.

HI @tsiddikee,

You might (also) want to review this thread.

Ngons rhino wip

– Dale

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Thanks Dale ! :slight_smile: