Ngon extracting and grouping extruded panels as solids (39.7 KB)

I want to transform any panel extrusions to solids and group them according to their volume or id. However, extruded planes on given surface are seperated and I do not know how to combine them in a closed solid-block. I have searched for that but due to my lack of knowledge about keywords I would miss the solutions.

I have implemented a script created by Ngon but other panelling options or logic to create solids arranged on surface are also appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I am not sure if I understood what you would like to do, because extrude edges component can create separate solid mesh objects.

If it is not what you need please elaborate.

Also you can just offset a mesh and loft outlines:

Thank you for quick response. I tried the mesh extrusion and loft and now I can select the individual solids.

I created branches related to the volumes. However i cannot select them according to this pattern. I mean I want to select group of same or near same volume solids for example pink ones or yellow ones.

I have created brances. I tried two cull pattern but it is not working.

Can you illustrate in a quick sketch what you are trying to do?

Equality for the best case would return the same item.

You can simply sort them and partition into group:

i have tried my best, i hope it is more clear now. I want to divide and group the blocks according to their volumes by writing them as seperated lists. So i can see the 1800 m3 blocks only, for example.

Thank you very much

volumes are not equal but you can separate similar values

I really do not solve the data problems. Thank you very much, It is working now.