NGON dihedral angle problem

How come that angle between two faces is 540 degree?
angle.3dm (106.3 KB) (5.5 KB)

Seems like a tolerance issue. I added additional check for parallel cases. Now it works:

Replace NGonGh file in your library folder:
NGonGh.gha (523 KB)

Thanks a lot!

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I have replaced that file, but after restarting Rhino, I got this message.

Can you show what is the message in rhino command line?

Seems you have two NGonGH.gha file in two separate locations loading at the same time.

Delete the files from one the locations:

And load rhino again.

I dont undestand. It is the same path.


Then, the question is the .gha unblocked?

Tomorrow I will update the package manager, so that you will be able to install it properly.