NFT's: Rhino/Grasshopper Generative Art & Design Discord Group

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just created a Discord dedicated to the possible(or impossible) integration of Grasshopper into the blockchain-based generative art movement. Currently most block-chained based work is generated using a wallet id, or some other variables to create a one-of-a-kind artwork>jpg>NFT. Most of this work is coded through p5.js. (see Ringers, Fidenza) As this movement moves toward integration into a Metaverse, 3D models/sculptures/architecture will become a bigger part of the conversation. (In fact, there are already spaces out there designed in Rhino used for the exhibition, display, and selling of NFT’s) As a fellow Rhinohead, I’m curious to see how Rhino/GH’s capabilities can be a bigger part of the conversation.

Ive found ways to integrate some of these processes into the current blockchain ecosystem, but I’m just on the surface so far.

Here’s the link to the Discord: Rhino/Grasshopper Generative Art & Design

Any Discord junkies out there?