NFR license for online class, already have account

I’m wondering what’s the best way to do this. I’m going to be giving an online class with 2 people in an office who only own one license that they share over the cloud zoo. So fine, training is what my NFR lab license is for, one of them can use that… but since they’re already part of a group in the zoo…is this going to be convoluted? It looks like people can be part of more than 1 group, but how is that actually going to work?

If a user has a valid license in their Personal Cloud Zoo Rhino will get it first.
Then it grabs a Team license if they are a Team member and there is an available license. If they are members of multiple Teams, then you can’t control which one they pull a license from.
You can either manage their Team Membership, or there is an local setting in Rhino so when they login, they are asked which team they want to get a license from. You can’t control that either.