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Newsletter language is still or again messed up here in Switzerland, for some reason I receive a french newsletter.

My browser is set to German but I’m using Rhino in english. Wouldn’t mind if the newsletter was in english language.

Why don’t you let the user choose the preferred language?

I wonder where it gets it’s language preference from? Have you bought your license from a French or Swiss-French dealer?

Wouldn’t a Schwyzertüütsch newsletter be a nice touch? :smiley:

I think I’ve bought my license from the Rhino website.

Brian James once mentioned it is based on the browser language. Let’s assume there is Swiss-French, Swiss-German and Swiss-Italian and the first item in the list is chosen…

It would be nice if the user could choose the language in the preferences.


I see. Interesting!
My browser languages are English (UK), English (US), German, French and I get mine in English. I must verify in the next one whether it’s correct UK English. :wink:

I second that! Seems absolutely reasonable!! There’s lots of countries where people speak more than one language, but use English for work or on the internet.

(Nice touch posting in News.)

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I recently received a Rhino Newsletter in Spanish. Definitely not a language on my computer.

i did not know that swiss have their own french version. though i know it has a french, italien and german speaking part.

I wrote Swiss-French and not just French because of language settings on a computer.

so there is a setting called swiss french?

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ah now i remember, the keyboard layout is slightly different.

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So back to the topic:

Could a language checkbox somewhere in the account settings be used to determine which language a user prefers for a newsletter?

@bobmcneel this is still a problem. I don’t speak spanish (yet)…