Newbie wondering about customizing in Rhino

I’m new to Rhino coming from Zbrush /Modo background . I would like to make my own custom toolbar with (my own) profile curves/& scaled meshes to add to scenes. I’ve seen a tutorial on custom icons & toolbars for existing definitions in Rhino, what I am unclear about is if it possible to reference a library of custom items. Is this something that can be done in Rhino ?

Hello - the general macro for importing existing files would be along the lines of

! _-Import "Full path to file inside double-quotes" _Enter

You can also Insert files which is somewhat different - Import birings the file in with no questions asked about location or how you want to treat the incoming geometry - Insert lets you place the geometry in a particular location and make some choices about how to handle the incoming stuff - as plain ‘geometry’ or normal Rhino objects or as block instances (See Help)

The dash in front of either of these commands lets you specify a file name in the macro - basically it suppresses the expected File> Open dialog, in this case, or any other dialogs for other commands and lets the macro specify what file to bring in, how to handle it in the case of Insert as well as where and what scale and rotation. You may need to mess with it a bit to see how macros work - and making matters worse it looks to me at the moment like -Insert is broken, here at least,

Note you can also add file paths to Options > Files Search paths. which then allows you to only specify file names and not full paths on the macros.

A typical Insert macro might look like this:

! -Insert File=Yes "BoxOnDeskTop.3dm" Block Enter Enter if the desktop were added as a search path in Options.’ But as I say, I’m not getting this working here at the moment in V6 (v5 fine) but maybe that’s the weekend at work…


Thank you! This is exactly the information I was looking for. Yes, the insert function would be optimal but if broken, the import with suppressed dialogue should be fine. I will run tests and see what works- Your help very much appreciated.