Newbie to Paneling Tools - questions

  • It looks like it is not possible to define connectivity using real numbers on the grid. For instance if i wanted a line from a point mid way between grids I cannot say (0.5,0) ( 1,0). This would be very useful

  • It would be great if the elements between integer units along the grid line axis could be portions of the underlying Curves used to build the grid. Currently it seems only linear segments can be constructed between grid points.

That is correct, but of course you can increase the density and modify the connectivity to get the result. Can you share an example?

This is possible if you have an underlying surface that you reference where lines between gird point can be pulled to the surface to create the curve. Does that answer the question or you have something else in mind?

Hi Raja, thanks for replying. Sorry for this late reply.

I get what you are saying that perhaps we just rebuild a grid but i would find work flow a lot easier for a given grid we can look at multiple configurations/patterns defined by the same grid by being able to add connectivity based on decimal measures of the grid. Maybe a flag option to allow for real or integer only connectivity definition of patterns.

A typical rectangular pattern on extent of gridlines (0,0;1,0;1,1;0,1) versus a interior rectangular pattern of (0.25,0.25; 0.75,0.25;0.75,0.75;0.25,0.75) vs four rectangular patterns in each grid cell (0,0;0.5,0;0.5,0.5;0,0.5) (0,0.5;0.5,0.5;0.5,1.0;0,1) (0.5,0;1,0;1,0.5;0.5,0.5) (0.5,0.5;1,0.5;1,1;0.5,1)


Second point, i see, just be nice to not have to go to a second step. Maybe a flag where the user has option to use linear segment curves or pulled curves?