Newbie question: why crvs cannot be moved along my vector direction

Hi everyone:

I’m a newbie to grasshopper, and this is my very first question in this forum!~~

Probably an easy one, still I cannot figure out why:

In the attached file, i want to move the curves (drawn at the back side of each level of panels) along the vector direction, which if you highlight the “vector display” you will see they all align at the longer side of the panel units. However, the end result of “move” end up somehow off their directions… I noticed the difference is kind of subtle in this example, and it’s extracted from my work file, and the deviation shows more evident.
I made sure data structures for the move input remain consistent, and it works fine for a single panel. Cannot figure out why then …

Anyone has encountered the same issue before? Any help and thought would be really appreciated!

Move along vector inaccuracy.3dm (1.6 MB) Move along vector (16.7 KB)


The order of the list of curves does not match up with the list of vectors.
Move along vector (19.5 KB)

I’m not fluent enough in GH to quickly make the 2 lists match

Does this make sense?


Like Willem mentioned above the order is different and doesn’t necessary conform to what you are intending.

Can I ask do you want an exact copy of the line to be moved once or do you wish for it to ‘twist’ as if it was sticking to the surfaces?

Hi Willem,

That’s it you are right! I was trying to sort list according to Y coordinates, but seems not a very good solution…:smiley:

Hi Danny,

I was intending to copy the exact lines, and move them along the vector direction. The blue panels are curtain wall galss panel, and I was modeling the back panels, which parallel to the glass panel and 100mm inward away from the glass panels :slight_smile: