Newbie: lost construction plane in top view

Hi there,

Working on a mac and somehow with all the zooming lost my object +construction plane in the top view. What is the easiest way to get the c plane back into view?

try cmmd-A (which will select everything)

then type ZS <return> (which will run a macro that Zooms Selected objects so that they fill your viewport)

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It is strange but that worked for all the other viewports but not ‘top’…hmmm

it’s hard to say without seeing the model (which you can upload here by dragging the .3dm file into this reply box).

is it possible you drew flat geometry in the right or front viewport… so when you look at it from the top, you can’t really see anything since you’d be looking downward along a flat plane?

Fabulives.3dm (2.0 MB)

Now I actually can’t even get back to the 4 viewports-this happened after saving and reopening the file.

heh… weird.

tbh, i’d do this:

• cmmd-A (select all)
• cmmd-C (copy)
• cmmd-N (new file)
• cmmd-V (paste)

this will put all your stuff in a fresh file…

i’ll look at it a little better later to see why it won’t go to 4 views

Your issue is you’ve moved your views manually. See the mov file i uploaded. Click down in the bottom right of your viewport when in 4 views mode.

IHTH, «Randy