Newbie - Help with model

I am sure this is a very easy-to-solve problem but I am not familiar with Rhino.

See model (

I am trying to cut away the bottom portion of the model (where rectangular cube is) and then make it a solid object. Can anyone help with how to do this?

My goal is to take this model and eventually bring it into Revit. I want to be able to scale this up and cut layers through it (in Revit)… and I am hoping that if it is a solid I will be able to cut plans at different heights to see the outlines (i.e. every 5" in height). I am sure there is a solution that where we would only use Rhino but our entire team knows Revit and we need something we can use there.

Hello - a few things here -

  1. You have mostly meshes. But also a block instance and a polysurface (Box)
  2. The meshes are not joined.

So, ExplodeBlock the arm that is a block instance and then SelMesh and Join Next, SplitDisjointMesh to split out the arms from the torso as independent meshes.

Now you can deal with the torso to box problem with a closed mesh - however it is not a great mesh - apparently a lot of self-intersection. Rhino’s mesh tools are not super robust even with good meshes and this one ain’t… I think realistically this is going to be a tough job in Rhino - I can probably come up with a workaround that may be good enough but for this type of mesh Rhino is not the first choice of tools…

I’ll upload my workaround and send you a link via PM The result is a closed mesh but with the self-intersections throughout - No idea how Revit feels about those. Even if it likes the mesh OK, you may need a more mesh-centric software to clean up the self intersections.