Newbie Help - Rhino 3D 4.0


I’m new to Rhino!

I’m trying to create a rectangular prism with 3d text cut partially into it, sort of as if it were engraved.

I have managed to create a rectangular prism, and I have created the text over top of it as curves, but I don’t know how to make the text cut into it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I couldn’t find a tutorial explaining this type of action.

  • Dorota

Hi Dorota, love your avatar,

You could check out TextObject in the help file rather than text to create a solid then use boolean difference to subtract the text from the prism… along those lines

Hey, thanks for your response.

I created 3D text and put it inside my rectangular prism, but when I try to use boolean difference, I select the rectangular prism first then the 3D text second… it says “Objects do not intersect. Nothing done.”

But my 3D text is CLEARLY inside my rectangular prism. What am I doing wrong?

I realized the boolean difference only works if the 3D text goes through the surface of the rectangle. My text was mostly hidden inside.