New website: weird icon

Hello at Shapediver.

Congratulations on the new website. It genuinely looks great!

But I was a bit confused at first where to log in. Turn’s out its there:

That is really strange. I have been designing websites for a long time and am a UI designer as well and I have never seen that icon used that way. It’s normally the icon for standby, so nothing to do with logging in and it’s the wrong way up. The vertical line is at the top normally:

I don’t understand the reasoning behind using an upside down standby icon for login. For logout it might arguable, but then at least the right way up.

For login I would say its 80% the icon of an avatar and the other 20% the box with the arrow going inside it, that is being used:

I’ll assume someone just uploaded the wrong file, but it’s definitely not intuitive or best-practice to use that icon.

Fair point, thanks for pointing it out. We will change this soon with more updates including improved login process. Stay tuned.

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