New Website: Clicking on projects redirects back to projects

i wanted to check the projects from the visualarq page but none seem to be working, here an example they all link back to projects.

The website switched over last week and there are a few kinks that still need to be worked out.

ic… thanks, i just got appetized and now i cant eat :slight_smile: any idea when i can have a look again?

Seems to be working finely just now…:grinning:

I’ve split this into a new thread to keep the other discussion topic focused.

@ChrisK I believe what @RichardZ is refering to is that if you click on a project in the projects section, it redirects back to projects. Are you seeing something different?

I’ve assigned this to @fran who is the one that can fix this behavior.

You’re right. It’s a ‘blind hole’ Needs fixing.:sunglasses:

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thanks Luis, maybe somebody can poke me once its fixed?

Sure thing.

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@RichardZ, @fran has fixed the issue with the projects redirect. You should be able to browse the projects now.

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