New way to Kill Grasshopper?

So it appears I may have found a new way to kill Grasshopper. It seems what has happened was I accidentally added a group to a group inside of itself. The two groups then proceeded to continually expand as they were both trying to capture each other within their boundaries. Grasshopper soon crashed after the groups engulfed my screen. The file is now unrecoverable and no auto save seems to have been made.

Has anyone ever had this issue before? If so how did you solve this?

Is there a way to go into the script’s code and delete the groups without running the canvas?

Your help is much appreciated.

I also had a misshap on one or two files before.
For me a good way to open files that wold crash in startup is:
-open rhino start grasshopper
-start a new grasshopper file
-right-click and disable solver
-open the troublesome grasshopper definition

The solver stays disabled even after the other file is opened so maybe this helps

This is a case where replacing autosave with creating a backup (or two) will come handy @DavidRutten. You’ll have 2-3 backups created with some time difference, and you’ll be able to restore if not the last backup then the one before.

PS: My curiosity tempts me to try this crash :smiley:

@claytontoews, could you describe step-by-step what you did? I cannot recreate it :frowning:. When I did what you did another group was just created covering all.

Make a group, add that group to a larger group, now add the larger group to the smaller group that is inside of it. Then zoom out and watch it grow :smiley:

Nope, It doesn’t work for me :frowning:

nada :frowning:



basically what @Michael_Pryor did, except after it grew to the size of my screen the whole file crashed and is now corrupted with no version history on my one drive.

@Michael_Pryor, did your file eventually crash?

Check your trash on one drive, it creates versions and obsolete it puts there.

I know what you are suggesting, I can pull up the versions and obsolete files of other scripts. However, this file has been completely wiped out of existence before an auto save right when it crashed (which is corrupt). It is very strange


What is your version of Rhino and GH?

try updating

For me it just stopped growing :frowning:

The file probably contains the offending group nesting structure so each time you open it it crashes all over again. If you open the file in a recent Grasshopper 1.0 for Rhino6 version it should hopefully fix it on load.

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