New Video: Making Pipes, Ducts, & Hoses

I’m trying to make one new video every week for my class. This latest one covers three killer tips for making quick and easy machinery parts. I show how to make pipe collars and seams, flexible ducting, and everyone’s favorite, the spiral wiring for your old rotary dial telephone. Running time = 13:58

There is a page for all of the prior videos here: video page
The site has a front page with ‘sporadic and random 3D and nerd bits.’

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Very cool. Thanks for sharing, and wishing you much success.

The idea of piping caught my interest. Would love to see some long radius and 5D pipe elbows



Thanks for the feedback. My videos are typically beginner to intermediate level because of my class, but I try to include personal hacks and tricks that can be considered more advanced.

Anyways …

I have no idea what a 5D pipe elbow is!

Bend radius= 5x pipe diameter… --Mitch

Ouch, it’s so easy now that you explained it to me with your facts and words. I thought it was a pipe that existed in three dimensions + two more just to mess with me.

Sting theory pipe. Or maybe a pipe that moves gravity over time.

Sometimes when I read your posts I imagine the melonhelmet cat saying it.

This is one of those times.




Melancholy melon helmet cat. I’m imagining he’s voiced by Ben Stein. Or Milton from Office Space :wink:

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Anybody having spaghettification for dinner tonight?