New v6 Silhouette command needs your feedback

If you use Silhouette or Technical mode take a look at the new Silhouette command in v6 and this You Track item.


How do we plebeians get to see this I get a log in page?

You can read this so you’re not one of the plebs…

Read the intro to this Serengeti group, but the WIP that’s there is an old one that’s just a placeholder until this is all set up better, not really much to see.

If you have a Google email that should work as one of the OpenID options. We just started opening up our bug tracker to the public so let us know if you can’t register an account or use one of the OpenID options please.

Thanks Brian last time I tried no luck I’ll try again with my google log in.

Sorry… the access to the bug track system is not set up yet.

@GregArden and others ( @brian, @bobmcneel, @dalelear, @pascal ) may have to weigh in here.

@theoutside @VaneSteeg too

Hello @stevebaer and @BrianJ ,

came across this old conversation on my search for an adequate way to get something like the silhouette-command staying inside the realm of C# / rhinocommon or maybe even python. As I’m fairly new to the use of rhinocommon, I’m probably overseeing something quite obvious…
You were writing about the possibility of using the C#-rewrite of the silhouette-command as a development sample in the YouTrack item… Is there any way of getting my hands on this sample?
Thanks in advance for any hint you can give on this topic!

Best, Romuald

The command is somewhat complicated by the fact that is uses multiple tasks running on different threads along with cancellation support.

The key part that you need for this calculation is to use the
Rhino.Geometry.Sillhouette.Compute function in RhinoCommon

Thank you very much Steve, that was exactly the kind of hint I needed!
I will try to understand the function you mentioned as soon as I get my hands on a keyboard again :smile:

Are there any news on the RhinoCommon version of Make2d yet? I think I read somewhere that there was a similar rewrite in preparation as for the Silhouette command which should then also give access via the SDK…

Nothing yet. We are getting prepared to do this, but movement is a wee bit slow on that front for the time being (summer vacations and all getting in the way)

… which is not the worst reason at all ! :smile:
Thanks for the update and happy holidays!