New v5 software update or change since yesterday morning?


I have been using rhino V5 (evaluation software) almost a year now and since yesterday morning I have been facing a significant amount of problems in displaying results after running the script . The Script runs perfectly because in debug mode i am able to obtain the results ,However, when I click complete (in debug mode) or run script (in the _editscript window) the results do not appear in the main rhino command section(on the top section of the command line and toolbars etc).

I uninstalled and reinstalled the V5 software(from the website/downloads/evaluation) on two separate computers yet the same problem is appearing.

Is this beacause of a software update? or any software changes?
I do not know why this is happening because the script runs fine on a paid full version software.

I sincerely appreciate and welcome any guidance and help,

Best regards,

I have attached a screen shot of the pop up which always comes when i click _runscript in the _editscript window. However after I selected yes in the pop box the program fails to run. I have been consistently facing this problem since Last Tuesday and I am anxious to find out why because i cannot run rhino at all!