New V-Ray Service Release (#3)

A new V-Ray for Rhino update is available; build number 2.00.25962 & dated 30 June 2015. It includes some important bug fixes and changes to the plugin:

• An issue with Material updates is now fixed.
• Material previews in “Rendered” display mode are now faster.
• Improved stability when detaching from a work session.
• Fixed VFB and mouse freeze.
• Removed bug which led to large files crashing BatchRender.
• File loading is optimized and much faster.
• V-Ray displacement uses less memory and is faster.
• Added support for HDRLS 5. Painting lights in a scene is easier than ever. Support for HDRLS 4.0 is still available.
• Newly optimized “ignore objects” code to improve diamond rendering.

Download it from ChaosGroup downloads link. You need to be logged in and have an account, but it’s free for registered owners.