New user basics

Hi, 2 questions in the new category I cant find the answer to. If someone can point to where this info is located, it will help to avoid newb questions from me.

I would like to have my viewports be set to shaded as default on startup… Is there a setting for this?

My second question was regarding setting surface color and the parent/child relationship. I would like to override this. The scenario would be create a box and explode it to surfaces, then I would like to assign a different color to the surfaces, then join them back to a solid, and retain the individual surface color assignments. (Or better yet, do a sub selection on each surface of a box and assign the color there, without exploding the solid.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


You will have to create a template and set this up in your template file and save it. Template files are just Rhino files with some individual customization; layers, viewports, display modes, etc. See the Help under “New” for how to create and save a template file.

You cannot, unfortunately. Joined solids can only have one object color.


Thanks Mitch

Hi Burrman- not quite the same but you could Group the colored faces - that will at least make it easy to select the ‘box’ as a single object.


Thanks Pascal,
Yeah, the idea was to have the ability to assign “colors” to individual faces, even on a joined, closed solid. I havnt gotten into materials yet. This may be whats needed.

Well… there is testPerFaceMaterial. This is a clunky, limited, unsupported (you don’t get to complain) , undocumented command that may help for now.

You need to have an object with a material assigned. You select this as the source object, then click on one or more faces on other objects to paint those faces with the first object’s material.