New UI : Fullscreen command not working

Seems like the Fullscreen command did not catch up with the new UI yet - most elements still stay visible over here…

Thanks, Jarek -
I’ve filed this as RH-69852 Fullscreen: Update command to work with containers

We’ll see but I don’t know how easy some of this will be now that everything is a container.
For now, I’d make a new workspace with the UI elements that you need and, possibly, hook that up to an alias or keyboard shortcut.

Yep, I think that is the way to go with this now. I’m thinking it it may even make the command obsolete, if we ship a default ‘Fullscreen’ workspace and users can then fully customize their own as needed.


I have some plugins out that rely on the fullscreen command, also currently it is nice to be able to use command line options to define what stays visible (like the command line)…

I did not wrap my head around the new UI and Workspaces yes but hope the Fullscreen as a command will not be too easily dismissed.

Maybe it needs some re-thinking now and some command line options are obsolete, but at least Fullscreen with and without command line should stay as a much needed feature that is available on all systems regardless of user’s own custom set of workspaces, I think.



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Got it, thanks…