New UI : Docking Containers below the Sidebar

I like the new UI improvements, just trying to dock my V-Ray Compact Container below the sidebar container, I’m able to dock it next to the side panel, but I need to dock it below this will make some use of the empty space below the sidebar.

see the painful video here

Hi @tay.othman
you can put 2 in there . just go to the bottom corner and the blue space will open.


Thank you, I don’t think it works here, I see that works for you but you are running the Mac Version. I’m having this issue with Rhino WIP on Windows.

Tay I don’t think this is different.
after you put the first one, have you tried to drag the second one to the bottom left corner, ? a blue half will arise to take the container in.
it doesn’t work unless you go to the very bottom corner

WOW that works! Thank you, Akash.