New UI - Bottom bar is unreadable in dark mode

Take a look at this comparison between V7 (left) and V8 (right):

I have set up my UI to be dark mode and the bottom buttons for Osnap, the Gumball, etc. all become unreadable. They also take up a lot more space than in V7. Please make them smaller.

left is V7, right V8. The lower bar is indeed 3 pixels higher, is this what you mean? The effective viewport space however is bigger in V8 (6 pixels)
As for the bottom buttons, I suspect this has to do that yours is a custom color setup?
Can you play with these in Advanced Settings to see if that resolves your issue:

Hmmm, I don’t think I can get a satisfying combination if the dark background and light background text share the same colour.

The text for the buttons should be dark, but that messes up all the colours elsewhere. Unless, I make the button enabled colour lighter, which is counter-intuitive to me. Though, I don’t see the option that controls the button enabled colour. :sweat_smile:

how about something like this?


Tried this again, Modifying UIPaintColours.PressedStart did the trick, it changed the active button colour.