New UI : "Assign to Objects" as first choice when right-clicking material

Hi McNeel
When right-clicking a materials in the material tab, would it be possible to have the “Assign to Objects” on top (instead of 3rd as shown)? I get that when right-clicking in the blank area, it makes sense to have “Create New” on top, but when right-clicking on a specific material, I feel it would be more logical to have “Assign to Objects” as the first choice.


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Hi Jakob -

I don’t have an opinion on this. From your screenshot, it appears that you’d like to have that on top because you’d just slightly move your mouse to hit that option.

On my system, this looks like this:

… and I’d have to move the mouse even further.
Then again, it’d work with the keyboard up and down arrows - but you’re already holding the mouse…

What would the rest of the list look like?

Hi @wim
It’s both in terms of mouse movement (at least when you’re on a high res screen, where the right click options will unfold downwards), but most of all because “that’s how it is now”, aka what it looks like in V7 - pure muscle memory.

I don’t see what the “New” button is doing there from a UI point of view, as that function has its own dedicated +button (which, admittedly, will go off-screen if you have enough materials) and is currently also available if you right click in the blank estate of the materials preview window.

It’s not a big deal, but more of a "with all the things changing in the UI, why change the work flows that are actually working well (for me, at least).

In my workflow the main purpose for right clicking a material is the variations of assign material, so i like to have them at top :slight_smile:


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