New tutorial: Modeling a bubble R

In this advanced tutorial, learn to model a letter R in a bubble style while also being based on a specific font.


Lots of neat tricks I did not know about, thank you. I especially like the transition between the left leg of the R using Pull and OffsetCrvOnSrf.

How about doing the smoothing using SubDFromMesh in Rhino WIP?

That approach worked pretty well actually and I experimented with it some when preparing this tutorial. The tricky bit was a consistent QuadMesh resulting in a single row of polys down each leg of the letter. The QuadMesh needed for a clean sub-d is split with an edge on top across the right leg and a poly on top across the other two. This requires a fair amount of polygon wrangling to sort out which Rhino isn’t great at to be honest. As the sub-d tools evolve in the WIP, I’m sure this will be a legitimate workflow as well. For now, I felt it would be confusing and would set expectations too high for what is possible with the early sub-d tools in the WIP. With that said, if you import a clean and well ordered quad mesh it works like a charm in my tests.

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Excellent tutorial, Brian.

The biggest problem I see with beginners & students is that they treat a blend the same as a fillet – and often try to create a blend with surfaces that touch or overlap. I like the way you highlighted the need to trim back the surface on either side of a blend, so the command had room to work.

Thanks @schultzeworks and @menno !

Many thanks Brian, after taking Kyle’s level 2 class, all appeared familiar to me (especially the surface trimming), with the exception of the pull command. Up until now I would have used the project command, which is not as elegant as the pull. This is extremely useful…

Thanks, I’m glad it was useful. Pull uses the surface normal while Project uses the Cplane normal… but you probably knew all that. It works with History too!

I did not know that, and can now clearly see the difference…thanks for clarifying.