New to rhino-file too slow

So after discussing with Mcneel support via email…we’ve come to the conclusion that it is the duplicating of geometry
that is making my file so slow…
what i do, for example, is make a small 1’‘x1’’ tile(square/cube) and copy/paste it a lot to make a tile floor…
or the same thing with a wood paneled wall of wood floor.
So seeing as this is my problem… what are other techniques I could use on rhino to create for example a tile floor,
that wont make it so heavy?
If you could mention some to me I could youtube them and find tutorials on them, so I dont make the same mistake again
with the next 3d!

Thanks so much for your help guys

Hi Melissa- you can make multiple copies of objects - the thing is, once you get a LOT of these, it helps to make them in some other way - (BTW, in RhinoSpeak, ‘duplicate’ usually refers to something that is not only the same shape and geometry, but also in exactly the same location and orientation - a think on top of itself- that is not the situation you are dealing with). In this case, making the tiles as simple mesh boxes and then joining the tiles into a single mesh, makes sense, but there are other ways to handle this, depending on what you need to do - my guess is that Scott is correct in the post above- you can do what you need by making a tiled or patterned rendering material on a single object; you do not need to make the individual 3d tiles at all, most likely.


So i did the mesh! it worked BEAUTIFULLY
I’ll continue to use this for all my projects and 3ds…
what a relief, thank you guys so so much.
Next thing I should learn is the rendering part, but so far I get what I need to show to my clients with just a simple 3d
You guys were a great help, I really appreciate it.
Happy thanksgiving and sukkhot!