New to Rhino 7, question on ruling lines

I am a boat designer and I have a question on the new Rhino 7. I purchased Rhino 4 and upgraded to 5 years ago but never really got into using it because I could not find a good way to display ruling lines on hull surfaces to verify they were truly developable. I took the course Rhino for marine designers but at the time I had the same problem, I could define a surface that the program told me was developable but there was no way I could find to verify this with the ruling lines. So the question is is there any way in Rhino 7 to view and edit the ruling lines of surfaces to make sure there is no crossing or intersecting lines which would indicate a problem with the surface unwrapping correctly.

Is there a plugin for Rhino that will calculate the Hydrostatics as well as a plugin for speed vrs HP or would I need to purchase another program such as Orca 3D which I also have an older version that I never used for anything since I never used the rhino.

Hello - DevLoft should help - to get the full set of controls use the scriptable version -DevLoft


Is DevLoft part of Rhin07? I tried the command in my Rhino5 with no result

Hello - yes, V6 & 7.


Since I am not familiar with DevLoft can you tell me if this command will generate the points at the end of the ruling lines on a surface created between say the chine and gunnel and if so can you manipulate the points and have the surface change to reflect the change in position?

Actually, if your system meets the V7 System Requirements (significantly higher than V5), I’d recommend you get a 90-day free eval license for V7 and test out the tools yourself.


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OK I will check the compatibility and give the eval a try.

Thank you

Orca3D is a Rhino Plugin and does exactly what you said and a bit more.

Rhino 6 has a Hidrostatics command for simple information.

Food4Rhino have some cool plugins that could help too. Nemo, SeaHorse, Seanaptic and Orca3D to name a few. Some are free some are trial.

I am currently using Rhino V7 on two systems which do not have * “4 GB Video RAM or more” as recommended in the V7 System Requirements. I do very little rendering.

Ruling lines of developable surfaces in Rhino correspond to isocurves in one direction.

Thank you for the feedback, I have downloaded the eval version 7 and will give it a shot.

DevSrf can also be used for developable surfaces. The Rhino 6 version works in Rhino 7. Download it at: