New TextEntity crash

I’m getting an “attempted to read or write protected memory” crash in Rhino Version 6 SR10
(6.10.18296.11021, 10/23/2018)…

The crash happens when I instantiate a new TextEntity:

TextEntity entity = new TextEntity
        PlainText = text,
        Plane = plane,
        TextHeight = size

details here: Human RenderToScreen Components Causing Rhino Crash

nothing seems particularly odd about the properties I’m passing… and the error only occurs intermittently. The only thing that’s unusual is that I’m making many such calls rapidly in sequence, since it’s being recalculated in the DrawViewportWires method on the component.

A quick test doesn’t show the problem but I’ll look at it some more.
Logged here

it’s easy to reproduce if you download the .gh file at the linked post and swivel the viewport around quickly

Yes, got it. Thanks