New Text, Leaders and Dimensions



A couple issues I’ve noticed. Sorry if they have been mentioned as I don’t have time to search and read much.
1… When using a dimension command and after I have picked the two points, the dimension number and arrows are black. Then the final click to place the number, it turns the number and arrows to the layer color. So I use a black background and this “invisible” dimension number is very annoying.

2… In V5, if we had a dimensions selected we could goto the properties and quickly cycle through the styles with the up/down arrow keys. In V6 we have lost this ability. Same for text, I can’t cycle through fronts.

(Lowell Walmsley) #147

Those aren’t written down anywhere that I know of.
I’ll fix the layer color part.
For the dropdown list, I’ll have to look at what’s available in the new interface stuff we’re using.


(Lowell Walmsley) #148

Glad to hear it

(Rob) #149

it looks better but still no good

(Lowell Walmsley) #150

Thanks for the update.

(Rob) #151

have checked some other parts of the drawing and strange some leaders
are ok some almost and some have no arrow and they are made with the
same script…

hope it helps



leaders2diff.3dm (873 KB)

(Lowell Walmsley) #152

Thanks. I’ll look at your file.
Converting leaders that are rotated and have text horizontal is a specialized operation that I need to put off for a while. When I get through some of the more common things I can probably do a better job with the leaders

(Rob) #153

today, i always save my work also as a 5 version, but today it went a bit wrong , the text i had added in(version 6) is not visible any more in the 5 version, i can in the layer box select the layer and it shows a amount of text , but no text visible , strange as it Was visible before what to do ? enclosed the files , layer names has the text
maybe not the right topic , but i think the files created with V6 are very large as compared to version 5text v5 not visible.3dm (273.3 KB)
text v6 visible.3dm (283.3 KB)
btw this text appears when saving CRhCommandPropertiesEventWatcher::OnEndCommand::InCommand(1134416872)
Command: _CommandHistory

(Lowell Walmsley) #154

@robo - I’m really sorry about that. It’s my fault.
Here’s a python script that you can run in V5 to fix the text.
The bug in Rhino is fixed and it’ll be in a build in a few hours.
Would you like to get a fixed build when it’s available? Let me know about that. (411 Bytes)

(Rob) #155

worked great, no problem for the new build this works also ok , no
production drawings in rhinov6 yet.

The leaders are not fixed yet ?


(Rob) #156

btw what i do not like with leaders in v6 is that you can not double click it edit and leave , as in v5 any chanche for this ?

(Lowell Walmsley) #157

There’s a chance. I liked that feature too.
There is a bug report about it on file. It’s not easy to do, especially with the library we’re using for making dialogs now.
It will make it to the top, but not right away

(Brian Gillespie) #158

RH-37883 is fixed in the latest WIP

(Rob) #159

exporting a rhino 6 (origin 5) to a 5 version goes wrong with the text , it is totaly wrong scaledwrong text 5.3dm (150.3 KB)

(Lowell Walmsley) #160

As always, I’d need the original v5 file to tell much about what happened.

(Rob) #161

ok sorry by this org

org text v5.3dm (105 KB)

(Lowell Walmsley) #162

Thanks. I’ll see what I can do

(Lowell Walmsley) #163

Rob - What, exactly, did you do to get that result?
I read your org text v5 file with v6 and saved as v5 and got this file:
new text v5.3dm (133.7 KB)
Which looks right when I open it in v5.

(Rob) #164

well nothing special yes it looks right , what i did was , opend the v5
file in v6 , then worked around a bit also nothing what has to do with
text, saved it as av6 small then saved the same as v5 large , opening
the v5 with v5 then you see the resultal text is wrong scaled

fortunatly the little thig i did was to get it in v6 again to try it ,
had a v5 backup file so no big deal, but … it is weird

makes me a bit scarry to do anything in v6



(Rob) #165

i did try again today

opend the r6 file , saved it as a r5 small, when opening the r5 small it
seems ok but all text was gone , so used the fixtext script… now all
text is wrong scaled as you have seen , so i could repeat the problem .