New: TerrainMesh plugin (in alpha/beta)

Hi Holo,

I would be interested in using your plugin, is there a version I could get?

Many thanks,


I am on it. Interested to have it to.

After two months of editing the mesh that @Holo 's command (“TerrainMesh”) did for me, the result is finally here.
I attached a printscreen and the respective download link to the file so you guys can see it and if you can, make it better with some of your tips and/or adjustments.


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when you open the file, there is a layer called “ROADS” which contains the lines representing the roads. As you can probably guess, I want to project them to the mesh itself and extrude them (as I wish). Still trying to figure it out how… but if you can help in this matter I would be extremely thankful. Either way I am creating a new post for this matter which I will post the link here later.


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Dupe post: Mesh a Complex Terrain

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Hi @da.vinch and @Architex

Here is a new build. This uses the latest v6 RhinoCommond SDK so I hope the stability issues from last build is ironed out.

Please report all bugs, issues and wishes you find! :slight_smile:

TerrainMesh v0.25:

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Important update!
@architex @afigueiroa1 @da.vinch @rpict @bus39 @Mrhe @Fredx @cosmas @Jarek @cosmas @nPoika @nick @acackerm

I seem to finally have fixed the freeze bug that the plugin had on newer Rhino SR’s.
There seemed to be a change in Rhino where the previous value for the “patch” was locked for re-use unless I set that value back to “False”. (This wasn’t showing up when ran as a script, only when compiled, so it was a search in the dark with many recompilations and restarts of Rhino) so with lots of trail and error and inhouse testing it now seems fixed… time for a beer :wink:

PLEASE test it out and report issues if you find any!

EDIT: In my bugtracking I had turned off unwelding of the mesh object and when I reactivated this on my inhouse build the freeze came back, so I moved this to a post-unweld of the mesh after it was put in the document (with an rs.Command("!_UnWeld 22.5 _Enter, False") statement. So now this is stable too. New file uploaded. (IF you by chance got the 0.26 then this will not freeze, but the mesh will also be fully welded.)

This version is called "TerrainMesh 0.27 - freezefix - postWelding"
(and I put it in a zip to prevent blocking by the OS)
TerrainMesh (15.0 KB)

It expires 2020 May 30th


Hi world.

here are a terrain so you can test it. This is a running project that start just right today in our office.
We need to get this terrain done to work in it.
Mcneel Terrain testings.3dm (5.6 MB)

I found this funny method for Blender. I thought it could be some wow helpful.

I am gone a download your plugin and test it here to test it.
If any one come out with better tunning values for this test please report.

Here is the result when I use Tolerance = 1000:

(Here automatically textured with another tool I made (Texture is made and saved in document folder))

And obviously it would give a better result if you exclude the red “boundry” curve, but this tool is designed to make the best out of the input you give it, no matter what. :slight_smile:

I have used tolerance 100 and the result was this:

Do you find the result satisfactory, And/ or do you have any other wishes?

Honestly i found your script very stable.
This sample i bring here is in fact a big mesh. More then 10 Klm square in reality centimeters taken from google earth and properly scaled in autocad. Then all 3D curves in autocad have been cleaned, overkilled and turn them polylines.
In shade mode i found a bit squareness on the mesh skin compared with 3D populate terrain plugin in 3d max. But in 3ds max we have “turbosmooth”.
Overall “terrain mesh” is a powerful tool. I have to have it when it is full complete.
But for us architects that need to build complex Master Plans landscapes, and i think i have mention this previously, need the Road Stamp tool.
If you build that tool attached to this plugin with a cool UI you have the world at your feet :slight_smile:
I hope you could find it.
I will be a scout at this…

Which is the best way to meshsplit correctly.
I need to intersect all roads, landmarks and so on mesh terrain.

Any options?

Meshsplit correctly… in Rhino? :confused:
Well, that’s a question we have asked for over a decade and unfortunately I don’t have a good answer for you. Rhino is bad at splitting meshes.

Can you provide a typical scenario with a mesh that needs splitting and the type of splitting data you have?

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Hi @Holo! Hi @Architex!
we are working hard on MeshSplit and MeshIntersect right now.

I can also be blamed for adding a huge bug to the new intersector in the WIP 2 weeks ago. So it’s again not working so well. Especially for large, planar cuts, it was working very well. I’m hoping to have a fix in this week’s WIP.

Please let me know (feel free to tag me in a new topic) if you have any sample that is not working. At the very least, it will provide some testing ground for improvements to come.


Hi guys. I have some links that might be related to the current topic.

So, I had the same issue yet I found a guy with a script that helped me - @Terry_Chappell - in the stuff I was working on.

I hope it helps.

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Yes I know you are, sorry for not pointing that out, my point was that there are no production ready solutions as of now.


Hey @Holo,

I am finally (with the Coronavirus shutdown) finding the time to play with and test your wonderful product. Could you tell me please if there are any instructions that come with it? For example, how do you determine Tolerance? In the above postings, I noticed a tolerance of 100 and then one of 1000. How do you determine that?

Thanking you in advance :grinning:

Hi cosmas,
Good question. This tool was made to make terrains where others failed and doing so by checking and sampling all curves. But the sampling might benefit from a better deviation handling. That has no been fully on my radar, so can you supply some example curves with the tolerance issue? It would help me a lot in finetuning the algorithm/logic :slight_smile:

Hi holo.
We have been finishing our Project in Suisse Valey.
I have used your script terrain mesh but i found very hard to split mesh parts for final refining and rendering. So my process was to add over Terrain, made with “terrain Mesh” with a drape surface for better splitting and fast work. Honestly i have been testing working with 3ds max and Rhino but need more knowledge to accomplish complex intersections and conforming surfaces, roads and all the master site plane parts in 3DS max.

I have tested “meshsplit” “normal splitting”, meshtrim", "intersections, booleans… Some time it works, some other not.

I send you the terrain parts and some final pictures to your private mail.

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Cool, can’t wait to see :smiley:

Rhino6 is horroble at splitting meshes, but McNeel are working on that for V7, so did you try splitting it there? (There you can try the quad remeshing too)