New: TerrainMesh plugin (in alpha/beta)

new version 0.31 is available.
Only difference is the expiration date, I sat it to 31.12.2021 so you have one full year of playtime :slight_smile:
TerrainMesh v0, (19.1 KB)

You might have to unblock it, if so follow these guidelines:

TerrainScatter is currently only accepting blocks, do you wish for it to accept other objects too? And if so, I need an insert-point, so that has to be picked. Does that sound OK?
(I won’t add it if you think it’s better to use blocks, which is my need and it keeps file size down)

Note: (to self mostly)
I will soon test out making an installer and see if updating through that is easier, and then test out the pluginmanager.