New standard for 3D Model Files

New standard for 3D Model Files
any interest at McNeel?

Hi Chris - I’m sure we’ll keep an eye out for any real world implementation of this; I’m not sure there is anything for us to do now other than be aware of it - thanks for the link.


Since updates that were approved by the ASTM to the STL format (now referred to as AMF, Additive Manufacturing Format) many years back have yet to trickle down to application developers, I really wonder how this would happen at all.

Adopting AMF is a far less complicated task than what is described in this article for this new MBE standard. Someone (a very BIG someone) would really have to get behind this to move it along, otherwise it will take decades, if at all.

Finally, it appears Cimatron is one of the first to support AMF:

This really would be a nice thing if it ever fully matures and gets adopted.