New Slider icon

Today I saw this new icon preceeding the slider.
Can you shed some light on what it is for?

What Rhino version are you using and what plugins do you have installed?

Type _SystemInfo and post the result using the Hide Details function which can be found by clicking the gear icon when creating a new post.

Image search results:


Thanks for your inputs.
I haven’t conciously interacted with CentraPay.
I am using the latest Rhino 8 SR4 build.
As far as plugins are concerned, I have Weaverbird, Lunchbox, Parakeet, Mindesk, Peacock, Fologram, FabTools, AMAtool_4.0.
But nothing that I modified yesterday.

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I found Rhino 8’s plugins update automatically. Just guessing, maybe one updated without notification in Package Manager.

Hi Maya,

That’s Fologram:

Fologram | Food4Rhino


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Thanks for pointing out. The earlier logo was slightly different.
However, it ideally shouldn’t affect all inputs.