New Script for Cosmetic

Hello to the McNeel Community,
I’ll probably need your help to create a script (or plugin I’m not sure yet :slight_smile: ) to solve a problem I currently have.

I need to add information like category, product name, quantity, product code… to a specific object, in the jpeg example let’s say is block 1.

I’ll have to add other information to each block from 2 to 4.

then I’ll create a new file (block 5 ) where I import all blocks from 1-4 and I assemble my system.

On the layout page all the information that I have manually added in each block have to show up as I designed.
This is really important

Another important piece of the puzzle is that somehow, in the layout page, the text should follow what in our example is block 2.
I’ll try to explain my self better… it happens that we have to move our products from a shelf to another and I would like all information associated to this block to follow it without manually do it.

You have to imagine that I’ll have to change the position of the block 2 and block 3 multiple times and I want to reduce the human error.

I hope this is clear enough, if not please feel free to ask questions!

This is freelancer job , please PM if you are interested

Who’s up for this challenge? :smiley:

Thank you,