New rs.MeshObject(s) rhinoscriptsyntax function


I was wondering if for the next release of Rhino WIP, or even Rhino 6, we can get a function which will create meshes from breps.
I am familiar with both RhinoCommon method and Rhino command where both of them can be used in python, but it would really be beneficial for users who only work with rhinoscriptsyntax to have the same function.
I would even be grateful if this new function will not deal with MeshingParameters. The call to Mesh.CreateFromBrep only would be enough for the start.


Hi @djordje, @Alain,

in addition to above request, there seems to be a missing python method equivalent to RhinoScript (rvb):

Rhino.ExtractRenderMesh (strObject)
Rhino.ExtractRenderMesh (arrObjects)

This would be useful too as it does not require to mess with meshing parameters and the mesh usually has been created already.


(Alain Cormier) #3

I logged both requests: