New RhinoGold 5.5 Service Release

TDM Solutions announced the new Service Release 2 for RhinoGold 5.5. They improved the RhinoGold’s workflow and fixed some minor bugs.

The improvements include:

  • Better workflow in commands such as shank studio, dynamic cap, dynamic bend, mill grain, and advanced ring curve
  • Fixed minor bugs on Cluster Edition, Profile Gumball, Rope, Head Studio, Eternity, Mold Draft Angle, Cutter in Line transversal, Hollow Ring, and Ring Wizard
  • RhinoGold Render Studio bug fixed when closing without pausing

To upgrade your current RhinoGold 5.5:

  • Directly from the RhinoGold - An upgrade message will pop up. Click on the message to download the latest service release.
  • From your private area at TDM Solutions - Sign in and click on Software to download.

Posted Jul 08, 2015 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.